The Need for Soft Skills

20 Nov 2017
The Need for Soft Skills

At TAFF-VTI Program, our qualified and experienced faculty aims to impart knowledge to their students not only through modern methodology, but also in the most applicable practices, which are aligned with employer’s needs. In our courses, it is our belief that training on various aspects of behavior and etiquette are just as important as preparing meals or bed making.
In the competitive market environment, employers not only look for skills pertaining to the job, but also for certain soft skills to establish the suitability of the candidate for the role. Therefore, our program incorporates practical skills as well as soft skills, such as cooking and housekeeping, and skills like active listening, time management and work ethics.
Knowing how to get along with people and displaying a positive work attitude is just as vital as being a skilled chef in the market today. The problem is, that the importance of these soft skills is often undervalued. This is why soft-skill training is overlooked as compared to practical skills. However, that is not the case at TAFF-VTI. While our candidates acquire the core skills of the course, we also give lectures on dressing etiquettes, self-awareness, stress management, time management and professionalism.

Teamwork, communication and active listening are skills that majority of employees lack in the market nowadays. They may be able to keep a house immaculate and cook the best meals, but lack other secondary traits that are just as important in a services oriented market. This is where our TAFF-VTI Program thrives, as we aim to transform our students into exemplary employees who are professional, ethical, responsible, and highly skilled all at the same time.