04 Nov 2021

Twenty-one-year-old Urooj graduated from TAF Foundation Vocational Training Institute (VTI) in the Cooking and Housekeeping course in April 2019.

Urooj lives with her mother and twenty-year-old brother. Her father passed away when she was only 4 years old. He was a small chemical business owner but after his death, the business collapsed. Since then, she and her mother have struggled to make their ends meet.

From selling jewelry to French fries on a small stall, Urooj spent her teenage years tirelessly working odd jobs. She had to leave school after primary due to the financial constraints.

On the other hand, throughout this time, she was also supporting her mother in her stitching work. The mother-daughter duo worked for as less as Rs2 per shirt collar.

Urooj worked back and forth for years but never had a stable job. She tried her hand at the media industry as a makeup artist but due to lack of education and professional training, she could never flourish.

In January 2019, Urooj found out about TAF Foundation VTI and got admission in the Cooking and Housekeeping course. At TAFF, Urooj learnt several skills including professional workplace ethics, self-grooming, confidence, and others. After completing the course, Urooj received formal certification and assistance by the TAFF Placements Department, as a result of which, she was employed at a leading pizza chain.

The soft skills that Urooj learnt at TAFF, helped her to get promoted quickly from the back of house team member to in-charge of the floor. Shortly after, she got a better job offer from a leading supermarket where she was placed as a brand representative. She started earning a decent income and additional commission on her sales. She saved her money and bought herself a scooty to cut down on her commute cost.

Today, Urooj is not only earning well but has also become an entrepreneur. She applied the housekeeping training she got at TAFF and initiated a laundry business at home run by her mother. She is also looking forward to purchasing a hi-roof to start a pick and drop service.

It was the formal training that Urooj received at TAFF that helped her build her career, prosper as an entrepreneur, and become the primary breadwinner of her family.

TAFF is proud of Urooj and wishes her good luck for all her future endeavors.