04 Nov 2021

Shehzadi Bano is a woman who saw her well-established life shatter in front of her but did not quit. Not once, not twice, but Shehzadi Bano had to let go off her dreams plenty of times to support her ailing husband and young children.

Years before joining TAF Foundation, Shehzadi Bano had moved to Karachi from Nawabshah. She belonged to a wealthy family. She completed her graduation and completed several language courses. Shehzadi Bano was one of those people who aimed high. She wanted to become a lawyer. Even after she got married, she wished to continue her studies, until the cruelties of life and
a series of financial and medical problems knocked her door.

Soon after her marriage, her mother-in-law sold their family house. At that stage, Shehzadi Bano, along with her husband and 3 children, was left with nothing. She was kicked out of her house with no money, clothes, or resources.

This was the point in her life when Shehzadi realized that she must leave, take a stand and help her husband for the sake of their children. She started selling lunch boxes to make money. While Shehzadi and her husband were working hard to make their ends meet, another unfortunate event occurred – her husband suered a severe cardiac arrest and was bedridden. He lost his job, because of which they had to leave the rented house.

Shehzadi’s brother supported her through this time and bought her a house on installments. This was also the time when Shehzadi became a diabetic patient.

Shehzadi found out about TAF Foundation through her husband’s friends. She joined TAFF in the Cooking and Housekeeping course in May 2017. During the course, her health deteriorated as she developed a skin disease, which needed immediate surgery. Shehzadi was able to pull herself back with the support oered by the institute. At TAFF, Shehzadi was taught soft skills as part of her course, which included anger management, emotional intelligence, and stress management – all of what she needed to cope with her battles.

After completing the course with TAFF, Shehzadi was placed as a cook through the TAFF Placement Department, where she earned a decent income. She is still on this job and is running her house on her own expenses. She also saved enough money and bought a car on installments.

Today, Shehzadi Bano is an empowered woman, who can stand on her two feet because of her endless eforts and courage. She has come a long way and seen many ups and downs in her life. The only thing that kept her going was her inner strength and willingness to keep moving forward despite the odds not being in her favor.