Humaira Ghulam Rasool

04 Nov 2021
Humaira Ghulam Rasool

Hailing from Lyari, Humaira Ghulam Rasool is an inspiring woman, who refused to give in even when life hit her with the toughest of challenges.

Born and raised in a low-income family, Humaira spent her childhood in tough financial conditions. She couldn’t even complete her secondary school education.

Humaira got married when she was very young and fell prey to domestic violence at the hands of her husband. She gave birth to a son and, even then, the physical abuse didn’t stop. In one episode, she had to be admitted in Civil Hospital for 10 days due to domestic abuse injuries.

Everyone around her forced her to leave her husband but Humaira didn’t believe she was strong enough to survive along with a son to raise. When her son was merely 1.5 years old, her husband divorced her to marry another girl he claimed to fall in love with. Humaira had to go back and forth to the court to get the divorce finalized and won full custody of her son.

After her divorce, Humaira came back to live with her parents and siblings. Her brother was the sole breadwinner of their joint family. Since she hadn’t completed her studies, Humaira struggled to find a decent job.

She started working as a polio worker at a meagre daily wage for 2 years.

One day while she was on her door-to-door polio duty, a woman told her about TAF Foundation, and the free courses being offered.

In November 2016, Humaira joined the pilot batch of TAFF Vocational Training Institute Cooking and Housekeeping course. Lack of formal education did not stop Humaira from exhibiting great skills and willpower to learn from TAFF professional trainers. She knew that getting trained from TAFF was her only chance to transform her own and her son’s life, and so she did not take it lightly.

Humaira completed the 15-weeks course with dedication and got placed as a housekeeper at a decent income, with the assistance of the TAFF Placements department. Three years later, she is still working, thanks to the international standard housekeeping training she received. TAFF also helped her polish skills like communication, decision making and financial management, which greatly helped her to transform her life.

Humaira believes TAFF was the answer to her endless prayers to ease her way.