Why you should hire a TAFF-VTI certified employee

14 Mar 2018
Why you should hire a TAFF-VTI certified employee

TAFF- Vocational Training Institute (TAFF-VTI) aims to provide professional training to those candidates who successfully make it through our well-structured recruitment process. Once we have selected candidates with great vigilance, we put our students through rigorous training under highly qualified professionals. Our students receive practical as well as theoretical training in the core modules pertaining to their course. TAFF-VTI is currently offering training in ‘Cooking & Housekeeping’, ‘Elderly Care’ and ‘Customer Service & Retail Sales’. They are also taught secondary skills such as financial empowerment, legal empowerment, ethics, and professionalism thus fulfilling all the requirements that an employer is looking for. Once the training process is complete, it is our responsibility to place our certified candidates in safe and professional work environments where they would be treated with respect.

We have a mechanism set in place to ensure the safety of all our graduates which also protects their employers from any kind of exploitation. All TAFF-VTI graduates are placed into employment through a legal contract that is facilitated by the TAFF-VTI placement center. This is to ensure that both parties—the employers and the graduate, are aware of their rights and responsibilities. This systematic and legal approach between the two parties is nonexistent today in the informal sector jobs such as domestic help.

A TAFF graduates’ monthly salary varies between PKR 20,000-30,000, depending on the services required by their employer. Candidates who maintain 90 % attendance and meet a minimum of 80% grades or above are placed into the workforce. However, those who are below that mark are terminated from our program, as we like to maintain the quality and repute of our graduates.

Keeping in mind the high standards of our program, our graduates are on a fixed pay scale. Once our candidates have graduated and undergone rigorous training, they are instantly high in demand. Our main goal is to ensure that all placements include perks, such as employee benefits, as well as annual leaves (sick/casual). We also include the working hours in our contract, which are agreed upon between both the employer and the graduate following the labor laws of the country. With these terms and conditions set beforehand between the two parties, a professional relationship and an ethical standard of behavior is safeguarded.

Potential employers who are interested in hiring from TAFF-VTI can get in touch with us through our website (link provided below). Once we receive all the requirements from the employer’s end, we will set up an interview with three potential candidates that fit into the prerequisites. The hired employee will then sign a contract, which will include all the rules and regulations agreed upon between the two parties. We endeavor to provide the best experience for the employers by providing our highly qualified and trained graduates for their service.

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