The Facets of Training at TAFF-VTI

14 Nov 2017
The Facets of Training at TAFF-VTI

TAFF-VTI program has a well-structured recruitment process, which aims to provide professional training to all candidates that come from different underprivileged areas in Karachi. Our VTI Program offers diverse courses which include cooking/culinary management, housekeeping and elderly care and retail sales and customer care. The program not only focuses on practical hands-on training, but also incorporates lectures, motivational speakers who discuss topics like financial & legal empowerment, professionalism, ethics and value systems. Although our primary goal is to create competent and capable employees, we ultimately aspire to transform them into good citizens.

Our Cooking and Housekeeping curriculum covers all such relevant topics, which any adept employee needs to know: from practical skills of cooking and housekeeping, to soft skills like teamwork, punctuality, time-management and basic financial knowledge to help manage household budgets. The courses are specifically designed for our students to train them with the required traits which are required as per the demand in the market. The soft skills modules further train them in behavior and etiquettes, communication skills, self-management and values of work that incorporate transform our students into professionals.

We keep our courses engaging and memorable for the students. Guest speakers and experts of all related subject matter are invited throughout the duration of the course. We have had an experienced Chef coming in to teach our students how to make a Zinger Burger, we have also had renowned personalities like Zubeida Apa come in to discuss key principles of being a good cook and housekeeper. Lawyers and social workers are also invited to address our students to make our them responsible and law-abiding citizens of society. Field trips and On-the-job training components are built in to the courses so that our students gain maximum exposure before they are placed into employment.
Through our TAFF-VTI program, we aim to provide our students with a holistic understanding of how to become a successful employee in the market, keeping in mind the trades they are training in.