04 Nov 2021

Tahira Iqbal was single-handedly raised by her mother in severe financial conditions. She wasn’t even a teenager when her father left her mother for another marriage and lifted his support both financially and emotionally. Life hasn’t been easy for Tahira since then.

Tahira’s mother stitched clothes to support her siblings’ education. She helped her mother in stitching and learned the skill. Tahira completed her matriculation but couldn’t continue higher studies due to tight finances. The same year, her mother got her married.

Due to the political affiliations of Tahira’s husband, he was killed in a targeted shooting event. She returned to her mother’s home and started teaching in a school at a low salary.

Because of the family pressure, Tahira finally remarried after 4 years into a poor family. She started stitching clothes and gave home tuitions to support her husband shortly after she had given birth to a son. She also became a victim of domestic
violence at the hands of her husband and sister-in-law.

Few years down the lane, Tahira learnt about TAF Foundation and joined the Cooking and Housekeeping course in May 2018. Even though her husband beat her, abused her, and did not offer any financial support, Tahira showed resilience and completed the course.

At TAFF, Tahira found the support and positivity that she needed to continue moving forward. Furthermore, she was able to gain professional housekeeping skills at international standards, which greatly helped her later.

After completing the course, Tahira was placed by the TAFF Placements Department at the Italian Consul-General in Karachi’s home as a housekeeper, where she continues to work today.

Tahira earns a reasonable income to support the education and needs of her 4 children. In her words, she owes her life to TAFF as the institute gave her the strength and courage she never had growing up.

She also recently won the Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah & Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Award by the Sindh Commission on the Status of Women.