TAFF-VTI aims to provide professional training to all the candidates coming through its well-structured recruitment process. The recruitment process for is carried out with great vigilance, care and impartiality.

The criterion to enroll the beneficiaries are as follows:

Pre-Screening of Candidate: Dedicated field workers survey targeted neighborhoods to identify the beneficiaries and introduce them to the TAFF-VTI program. The prescreening confirms the women approached are from the marginalized sectors whom TAFF aims to develop and transform.The following steps result in the final selection of the candidates for the program:Our recruitment team reaches out to different underprivileged areas/ urban slums of Karachi in order to connect with the target audience for the program.

Open House Session: The purpose of organizing the Open House Sessions is to brief the pre-screened candidates regarding the courses offered at TAFF-VTI and the program structure. The Open House sessions are important in a way that they allow potential candidates to meet with the TAFF-VTI recruitment team and ask questions about the program which they might come up with after the session.

Initial Interview & Assessment: An interview and test is conducted after the Open House Session (usually on the same day) to assess the candidate’s reading, writing and problem solving abilities. It is also established during the initial interview whether the candidate meets the minimum eligibility criterion for the program. Candidates are then shortlisted trade-wise for a second round of interviews.

Reevaluation of Candidates: Candidates shortlisted from the initial interviews and assessments are invited to TAFF-VTI for a 2nd round of interviews where the TAFF-VTI management and faculty meet the candidates. The purpose of the 2nd interview is to connect with the candidates individually on an in-depth level to understand the expectations of the candidates and reasons why they see TAFF-VTI at a ray of hope in their lives.

Medical assessment: Medical assessment/ screening is conducted for candidates/ students in order to assess their fitness for the program and to ensure that no student carries any disease which may be contagious and may prove to be harmful for fellow students as well as employers after their placement.

Orientation: Finalized students are invited to the TAFF-VTI Orientation session for their respective trade along with one member of the family prior to the commencement of the session. Students and their families (more importantly) are briefed regarding TAF Foundation in general and TAFF-VTI in particular. They are also provided insights regarding the training methodologies adopted and TAFF-VTI and the placement process through which each student is expected to undergo.