As part of TAF Foundation’s mandate to work in the domain of Social Consciousness, the management of TAF Foundation has undertaken the Ramadan Food Drive Campaign to deliver the message of sharing and caring amongst the underserved citizens of our nation.


The Holy month of Ramadan is the month of giving and a time to show support for the cause of humanity by helping the less privileged and underserved within our communities. The objective of this project is to reach out to the most underprivileged segment of our society and directly engage with them and show them our support by distributing the basic food items and products for hygiene. Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyle in addition to providing relief from the extreme weather by providing coolers filled with bottles of water, fruits, nuts and other necessities for healthy living.

In summary, the objective of the Ramadan Food Drive Campaign is to:

  • To help the underserved segment of our society
  • To give relief to the needy during the holy month of Ramadan
  • To feed the hungry and less fortunate with fresh and quality consumables


  • Obtain authentic data of needy and zakat eligible individuals from various trusts working in this domain.
  • Make contact with those people and validate the obtained record.
  • Schedule distribution of goods, area wise.
  • Assigning of resources for the distribution activity.
  • Goods to be distributed in 26 ltr cooler to keep it fresh and safe.
  • Target to distribute 250 Coolers (filled with consumables) in 10 -15 days during the month of Ramadan.


4.1 List of Items to be Distributed

S.NO Items / Consumables Units of Measure Price / Unit PKR Total Qty Required Total Cost PKR
1 Cooler 26-Ltr Each 950 250 237,500
2 Water Bottle 1.5 Ltr Each 50 750 37,500
3 Fresh Fruits (Tentative) KG / Dozen Fruits of Rs.400 / Cooler Total Coolers 250 100,000
4 Dry Fruits KG Dry Fruit of Rs.600 / Cooler Total Coolers 250 150,000
5 ORS Sachets 20 2500 50,000
6 Dates Box 150 250 37,500
7 Soap PCs 35 500 17,500

Total Project Cost is PKR xxx

4.2 Cost Break-up – Per Cooler Cost

  • All items to be distributed in a Cooler.
  • Each Cooler will consist of multiple Items / Goods.
  • Total # of Cooler to be Distributed = 250.
  • Total Transportation cost for 10 days Activity = PKR 75,000.
  • Transportation Cost / Cooler = PKR 300.
S.NO Items / Cooler Units of Measure Price / Unit PKR QTY / Cooler Total Cost of Item / Cooler – PKR
1 Cooler 26-Ltr Each 950 1 950
2 Water Bottle 1.5 Ltr Each 50 3 150
3 Fresh Fruits (Tentative) KG / Dozen 400 Mix Fruits 400
4 Dry Fruits KG 600 Mix 600
5 ORS Sachets 20 10 200
6 Dates Box 150 1 150
7 Soap PCs 35 2 70


Core Purpose of this Activity is to help needy and less fortunate during the Holy month of Ramadan and to show support to our community by showing the sign of sharing with the underprivileged segment of our society. The activity will help drive the message of humanity during the month of fasting.

With the items provided inside the cooler, hundreds of individuals are expected to benefit from this activity keeping in view that each cooler will benefit 3-4 individuals in a family.