We aim to place TAFF-VTI graduates in safe and professional households. Preferably, the households of seasoned professionals to provide a better more secure work environment for our graduates. The mechanism set in place is to ensure the safeguard of the graduates being placed in different households. It is also to ensure the rights and responsibilities of both parties and a means of recourse for both the domestic help and the employer. This aspect is currently nonexistent in today’s domestic help sector in Pakistan.

Keeping in mind the high standards of the program, our graduates pay scales are fixed. TAFF-VTI graduates are high in demand, due to the rigorous training they undergo. Our goal is to ensure that all placements are accompanied by employee benefits and increments. This is to ensure they are provided with a contract which outlines their leaves (annual/sick). This is also to include the working hours which are agreed upon between the two parties. These terms define a professional relationship and professional standard of behavior upheld between the employee and the employer.