Our Vision For TAF Foundation

14 Jun 2017
Our Vision For TAF Foundation

TAF Foundation (TAFF) seeks to build a highly cohesive, empowered and vibrant society where every individual is given the chance to pursue upward socio-economic mobility in order to accomplish what they desire.

In its vision towards responsible citizenship, TAFF also hopes to inspire people towards this goal with the use of vocational skills, to enhance the sense of identity and belonging to our nation. It is our aim to strengthen our community bonds, to engage and promote community work and philanthropy, to build the kind of society we are proud to call our home.

TAFF works with its stakeholders to create an environment where every Pakistani can pursue their aspirations of a better quality of life and, build a gracious and caring society.

TAFF began as a charitable organization in the year 2010 and served as a charitable organization to the underprivileged. In 2015, the organization was restructured into a philanthropic organization focused on long-term development initiatives.

Renamed the TAF Foundation, TAFF aligned its mandates to Education, Health, and Social Consciousness. They concentrate on sustainable programs which help to create upward socio-economic mobility. Underpinning TAF Foundation objectives is the aim to foster harmony and positive interdependence amongst societal agents.