Importance and Need for Elderly Care Assistants

20 Nov 2017
Importance and Need for Elderly Care Assistants

In recent years, the aging population in Pakistan has increased. The extended life expectancy of citizens has created a requirement for proficient care-givers who can deal with elders in the family. Therefore, the Vocational Training Institute (VTI) of TAF Foundation has, for the very first time in Pakistan, introduced a vocational program focusing on professional elderly care assistants.

This is the first of its kind Elderly Care Assistant Program, in which TAFF has partnered with Aga Khan University (AKU), for the development of the curriculum and training material. The program ensures that all trainees acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude required to provide basic care for an elderly individual. The program likewise covers instructions in basic principles of work and medical ethics, along with the identification of common illnesses in the elderly and how these affect their lifestyle on a day to day basis. Experienced and qualified faculty members also impart knowledge to our students, on the basic common elderly diseases/ conditions. Our Elderly Care Program further offers hands-on practice to our candidates through our On-The-Job training component that has also been designed through collaboration with Holy Family Hospital.
Through meticulous training and exposure, our certified students will become competent to treat and nurture the old-aged people in a professional manner—thereby, providing a valuable, much-needed service to our society.