How the TAFF-VTI model is eradicating poverty

14 Mar 2018
How the TAFF-VTI model is eradicating poverty

Majority of the people in Pakistan are living below the poverty line. These marginalized families are stuck in a vicious circle of poverty without access to quality education and so they have fewer chances of upward economic mobility. Additionally, they have lower rates of life expectancy, a higher percentage of health problems including high maternal mortality rates and malnutrition. Thus, sustainable income generation programs focused on education are important in developing countries like Pakistan.

However, in Pakistan, there are very few organizations which are working towards the eradication of poverty. TAF Foundation is one such organization that has taken up the task of eliminating poverty through education and skills by opening a first-of-its-kind vocational training institute in Pakistan for the marginalized women of Karachi. The aim is to empower these women to become catalysts of change in their own lives by enabling them to earn a living income.

The courses offered at TAFF- Vocational Training Institute (TAFF-VTI) are based on market demand so that each graduate has equal employment opportunities. This, in turn, would have a trickle-down effect of decreasing the rates of unemployment and poverty. TAFF-VTI trains females in three trades – ‘Cooking & Housekeeping’, ‘Elderly Care’ and ‘Customer Service & Retail Sales’. TAFF-VTI further ensures that these women are employed immediately after graduation at premium salaries that are well above the minimum wage.

This is a successful income generation model as every student that goes through TAFF-VTI becomes enabled and empowered to earn an income that helps them move out of the vicious poverty cycle. The TAFF-VTI model plays a vital role in shaping lives of these women and their families in such a great manner that leads them to become independent and self-sufficient, subsequently brightening the future for Pakistan.