Customer Service & Retail Sales Course

20 Nov 2017
Customer Service & Retail Sales Course

TAFF-VTI has launched another course for women – “Customer Service & Retail Sales.” Our main objective is to follow a market driven approach and teach our students different skills that are relevant to the market. This approach is to ensure that all graduates of TAFF VTI are employed easily. Pakistan has a large demand for women in the customer services sector; however, it is difficult to find trained female staff for this sector. Keeping this in mind, we will be training women to equip them with necessary skills allowing them to partake jobs in customer service and retails sales fields. And in doing so, be able to support themselves and take control of their lives.

Customer service specialists are generally required to manage all customer related aspects, which include: assisting customers with their queries, addressing complaints and welcoming new customers into the store. Their main concern is to create a positive customer experience and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Keeping these job requirements in mind, our course outline is specifically designed to address learning all such skills which will enable our candidates to fulfill these requirements. A few topics covered in our course include: communication skills, understanding the organization/ products, making sales, and providing assistance to customers. Additionally, we give our candidates’ personal grooming sessions and professional ethics guidelines to help groom them to fit into a professional environment.

Our Customer Service & Retail Sales course not only provides practical training, but also aims to transform our candidates by instilling positivity, confidence and professionalism in them. Our training in basic knowledge of financial and legal areas allows our candidates to become aware of their duties and rights as an employee.