Creating a female sales workforce

14 Mar 2018
Creating a female sales workforce

TAFF- Vocational Training Institutes’ new course: “Customer Service & Retail Sales” has opened doors for women in the customer care and sales’ workforce and allowed them to partake jobs in these fields. With the training of necessary skills relevant to the market, TAFF-VTI’s main objective is to enable our students to become skilled and competent enough to support themselves. Currently, in Pakistan, we mostly come across male employees working in sales. However, we believe that women deserve an equal opportunity and should also be trained for such jobs that are available in the market.

Everywhere else in the world, women are defying stereotypes by becoming a reckoning force in sales and marketing. Once a male-dominated sector, marketing is being taken by storm by some of the brightest female minds in sales. There is more female representation in top management positions than ever before. While the rest of the world is allowing women to rise and succeed in the sales workforce, it is essential for a developing country like Pakistan to give our women an equal opportunity as well. This has been made possible through TAFF-VTI’s new course, which enables our women to thrive in the sales field and become employable through professional and meticulous training sessions.

Some of the topics covered in the course include communication skills, understanding the organization/ products, making sales and providing assistance to customers. Along with that, students participate in personal grooming sessions and are also provided professional ethics guidelines to help them adjust to a professional environment. With a holistic understanding of how to become a successful customer care officer or a salesperson, women in Pakistan are finally given an opportunity to prove to our nation that they are as capable and competent to fit into a professional environment as our men.